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Criteria for Picking Amazon Headquarters

Moving the headquarters needs a lot of thinking and strategy. Picking a company’s headquarters has never been easy whether it involves changing the market or a similar market. Findind the best site is always very vital for any company. Arriving at this decision would require putting into considerations its mission , operations and end goal. Amazon has created a great healthy competitions among cities. Amazon is among the largest companies worldwide and accommodates more than fifty thousand employees. It is for this reason that any city would want to host Amazon headquarters. Thus a criteria would be needed to choose the best city for headquarter purpose.

The first criteria would be workforce. Most of the staff required to work in the headquarters would obviously come from this city. A large population center would be the best option for Amazon. This includes a highly educated labor percentage. Talent the shortage will lead to cancellation of cities. Labor education will always work together with talent. It is obvious that the selected cities would be metropolitan states with an increase in tech jobs and personnel.

Access to an international airport is also considered greatly. Amazon being a global company will require airport services. It is very obvious that Amazon will not consider a state with no international airport even if it connects to one. Free training resources, income tax credits are some of a state’s tempting offers to Amazon. These incentives are only given to companies that deliver Amazon being on the top list. A company with a lot of profit will be able to match these offers.

Technology is the third factor that Amazon would consider Technology aides a great deal in narrowing down the options involved when picking the headquarters location. With how much technology has evolved, most large companies depend on it for almost all business transactions. The city picked to host the headquarters should be able to make full use of the internet. The use of technology can be divided into three main divisions. Data use would be the very first category then analytics and the last being visualization.

The final factor would be cost of living. Being a large company it will need to attract a lot of part-time and full-time employees.Both part-time and full-time workers are useful to Amazon. Living the cost would determine how much employees should earn. Acquiring more profits and less expenditure is determined by the low cost of living. Cost of living sums up all expenses from feeding related to housing-related. Amazons choice would be a city with a low cost of living to maximize on profits.

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