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Steps on How to Mix Homemade Cocktails

Most people love taking cocktails. However, majority of the people have no idea on how to obtain a cocktail on their own while at home. Many find themselves walking into any hotel or another place where they can get some cocktail. It is not hard for you to learn how you can make your favorite or different types of cocktails while at your home. The following are simple steps to guide you while mixing your cocktails.

Select the best spirit you would wish to use for your cocktail. If a cocktail has to be sweet, then it must have some alcoholic content in it which is added when being made. You can choose to use a clear or colorless spirit, whiskeys or alternatively some colored spirits.

Choose another different type of alcohol in order to improve the taste of the spirit you have chosen. It is not a must someone to choose any spirit to use, you can consider making a cocktail that is spirit free. Those who choose to use the two types of alcohol should taste to make sure that there is no alcohol that will have more taste than the other.

Have a good cocktail shaker. It assist to combine the ingredients you use together. There are people who make cocktails by stirring the mixtures while others use cocktail mixers to make sure everything is perfect.

Since we all have different types of cocktails that we love, we should make sure we follow the right procedure of making each type. There are those who love cocktails made of thick products such as eggs, sour mix, simple syrup or dairy products, you should make sure you shake the ingredients well.

Get a measuring cup or a jigger. This is to assist you to get the exact amount of ingredients you are directed to use. It would be wrong if you choose to use your eyes in measuring the content of ingredients you use in your cocktail. Chances are higher that you might end up having one ingredient being more than the other.

Muddle the herbs or fruits, which you want to use in the bottom of the cocktail shaker. Not all types of cocktails will need this step because they have different types of ingredients when making different cocktails. Do not put excessive fruits or herbs. Consider using a wooden spoon or a muddler if you want to have a smooth juice. Make sure you get pure juice from your fruits or herbs.

Add your two types of alcohol in the cocktail mixer. Always add the exact or requested amount as it is in the recipe.

Ice should be added to the liquids which you prepared earlier on. You should not add ice before you shake the mixture because it might make the cocktail to be too dilute. Do not fall a victim of this.

The Key Elements of Great Cocktails

The Key Elements of Great Cocktails

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